Transform Your Couch With Throw Pillows

On my recent trip to New York City, I was on a mission to find some treasures to bring back to update my home. One of my favorite online spots for home decor, H & M Home, has a floor dedicated to their home line, and I was stoked! Seeing their plethora of pillow covers, I ran around the store in a frenzy trying to find the perfect mix.  H & M Home

Why Throw Pillow Covers?

Everytime you walk into Target, they seem to have a new selection of seasonal throw pillows. I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep bringing throw pillows home.  It would be like the scene from Along Came Polly where Ben Stiller starts to stab the throw pillows on the bed.  Not good.  Throw pillow covers are the answer to keeping your marriage from feeling less stabby.  Throw pillow covers are a budget-friendly alternative to buying endless amounts of pillows, and they are becoming more popular!

Throw Pillows

My living room is not a space that I share very often.  It was the first room we renovated, and my design choices have changed since then.  Plus, we have a gargantuan, though extremely comfortable, couch that takes up most of the space.  The couch came with four throw pillows which are the same beige color as the couch.  Beige on beige on beige.  Boring.  Choosing the right selection of pillow covers was easy because I wanted to pull colors from our living room rug: pink, blue, and yellow.

Throw Pillows

There were so many textures and patterns to choose from in that color palette, but ultimately, I settled on these four.  They are linked here: blue striped, powder pink floral, blue corduroy, dark beige (similar). FYI- I don’t get paid for recommending these, I just really love them!  There are a multitude of options on the H & M Home website- tassled, textured, velvet- you name it!

Throw Pillows