Organizing Your Spices

Are you ready to spice up your life? This post is the first in a 4-part series on organizing your kitchen.  I wanted to start you off with something easy: organizing your spices.  If you are looking for a video version of this video, you can check out my Facebook Live, where I covered the topic of organizing your spices.

The most frustrating thing about spices is that they come in different sizes, shapes, and labels, and you end up rebuying the same spices just because you can’t reach the ones stuck all the way in the back.  Annoying, right?  Here are my 5 easy ways to organize your spice situation.

Organizing Your Spices

  • Take out all of your spices and put them together so you can see them all- just like Marie Kondo tells us to do!
  • Toss the ones that you don’t use, or the ones that are expired.
  • Clean the area with a non-toxic cleaner.
  • Organize your spices by putting similarly-shaped bottles together.
  • Find a storage solution that works for you!

Spice Storage Solutions

I have three main go-to’s when it comes to organizing spices: the staircase, a lazy susan, and magnetic containers.

  • The staircase: This one is my go-to when it comes to organizing my spices because our cabinets are so deep.  It helps elevate the spices in the back, so they don’t get lost.Organizing Your Spices
  • Lazy Susan: A lazy susan is perfect for smaller cabinets that are up higher.  You can spin ol’ Susan around and get the spices you need with a simple spin.Organizing Your Spices
  • Magnetic Containers: These containers are great for smaller homes where space is a premium.  Transfer your spices into these containers and stick them to your refrigerator, or you can also buy magnetic strips you can use to adhere the containers to the insides of your cabinets.Organizing Your Spices

Make It Pretty

Let’s be honest.  There are some of us out there that want our home to look Pinterest-worthy.  If you are one of those people- welcome.  I love you.  The key to getting that uniform look is to buy the same sized containers. You can buy the containers in bulk on Amazon.  These come with cute chalkboard labels too.

Organizing your Spices

If you are a babe on a budget, a low-cost option is to take either baby food jars or mason jars and reuse them for your spices. Paint the lids with a chalkboard paint or a color that matches your kitchen and you’ll have a uniform look. If you are looking for cute labels for your containers, I found two on Etsy that I love!

These spice labels from Gemma & Co on Etsy are under $15 and they come with already created labels for the common spices and blank labels for the others.

Organizing spices

Another label option is from ParvaRex on Etsy which sells blank chalkboard labels for under $5.

I hope this lesson was helpful in helping your organize your spices!  Stay tuned because next week I am giving you some solutions on how to manage the plastic bowl situation that is happening in most of our kitchens.  If you don’t already follow me on Facebook, you will want to because that is where I go through each of these lessons step by step, so you can see it all in person!