5 Steps to Organizing Your Refrigerator

Welcome to week 3 to the Organizing Your Kitchen series!  If you are just joining the party, you can click to see week one’s topic of organizing spices or week two’s topic of organizing your food storage containers.  This week will be focusing on organizing your refrigerator.

Why should you organize your refrigerator?  Well, overall it is going to saves time, keep you healthy, and help you save money.  You won’t be wasting as much money throwing away food that you forgot was pushed to the back of the fridge.

Organizing your Refrigerator

Step One

Take pictures of your refrigerator before. This task may seem odd, but it will help you to see how far you’ve come once you are done organizing everything. It is also helpful for you to see what items are taking up the most room or causing the most mess. Organizing Your Refrigerator

Step Two

Take out all of your refrigerator items.  Sort through them and toss the ones that are expired or moldy. Organizing Your Refrigerator

Step Three

Clean out your fridge!  Use a non-toxic cleaner, or just soap and water, and wipe down the shelves and drawers.  If you are interested in using shelf liners, now is the time to put them down. One quick tip is to use Glad Press’n Seal as shelf liners.  If there is a spill, you can just replace the liner.  No mess! 

Step Four

Reorganize the shelves.  If you realize that one of your shelves is at the wrong height, now is the time for you to move it up or down.

Step Five

Choose your bins, if that’s your style.  I personally don’t like using bins to organize in my fridge, but that’s mainly because we meal prep and everything is stored in their food storage containers.  If bins are your speed, you can get matching ones at the dollar store, Target, or The Container Store.  Choose bins that fit your lifestyle.  If you purchase a lot of juice boxes or canned sodas, you will want to make sure that the container will fit the grocery items you usually purchase. Clear Storage

When you are returning your groceries back to the refrigerator, prioritize what you will be eating regularly.  For those of you who are trying to eat healthier, put those options up front so they are the first snack you choose. The Container Store

Now that your refrigerator is clean and organized, take your after photo.  Post the before and after on the Renovating Mapleson Manor Facebook page and we can all cheer on your accomplishment!  If you are more inclined to watch the video of this tutorial, you can also see that on the Facebook page.

Stay tuned to next week’s Facebook Live when I show you how to organize your pantry.  You won’t want to miss that before and after!